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Sacramento Freethought Day

Saturday, Oct 11, 2014 at William Land Park

Saturday, Oct 11, 2014

William Land Park
Sacramento, CA

Secular Lobby Day

Secular Coalition for California

Thank you to all who participated!

Be a part of Sacramento's first Secular Lobby Day!

Organized by the Secular Coalition for California, we'll gather on Friday (October 11th) at 8 AM - 5 PM to make a difference in our state and local government. Sign up for this special event and help us change the face of politics.

Our Lobby Day meeting location will be announced to all those who register in advance. Registration for Lobby Day is closed.

Training Included

The day will start with a light breakfast and training -- both included with your free registration. You don't have to be a seasoned lobbyist or even have the slightest notion about politics. When our class is done, you and others in your team will know exactly what to say.

Lobbying Efforts

After training, we'll meet at the State Capitol and the nearby offices of our elected officials, where we will have appointments to represent our secular community. You'll put your new training to use as you explain the importance of secular values.

Appointments will be scheduled throughout the day, so please expect to be with us until 5 PM.

Traveling to Sacramento?

If you are making the journey to Sacramento for the weekend, be sure to check out our lodging options.

Diana Castillo, Secular Coalition of America

Diana CastilloDiana Castillo will be providing the training for Lobby Day. Diana joined the Secular Coalition for America in 2013. Diana was born and raised in Davis, California before transplanting to the East Coast, where she graduated from Smith College with a bachelor's in Government and Latin American Studies.

A proud queerspawn, Diana has previously interned with COLAGE, an organization for youth with LGBTQ parents and guardians, helping organize their annual family week programming in Provincetown.

In her free time, Diana enjoys reading, going to the beach, and cooking with friends.