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Sacramento Freethought Day

Sunday, Oct 12, 2014 at the Californa State Capitol

Sunday, Oct 12, 2014

California State Capitol
Sacramento, CA

Live Entertainment

Ryan Kane, Magician

Ryan KaneRyan Kane is a full time magician and comedian thriving in San Francisco. Through his work entertaining Fortune 500 companies and Pier 39 tourists, he has developed a practical understanding of how people, even professionals, can be made to draw false conclusions. While he uses his 18 years of experience in magic to entertain, he is skeptical of those who make paranormal or pseudoscientific claims.

Ryan Kane has a B.A. from listening to SGU episodes, and is a past TAM, NECSS, and Reason Rally attendee. He is an activist for critical thinking and most recently has performed at the SkeptiCal conference in Berkeley. In 2012, Ryan Kane competed and won San Francisco's Stage Magic Competition.

Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @RyanKaneMagic, and check out his work on Vimeo.

Ryan will be performing in the mid-afternoon.

Victor Harris, Poet

Victor Harris has been a staple on the Bay Area poetry scene for the past twelve years, featuring at various venues in Oakland and Berkeley, he was on the finals stage in Oakland in 2003. He is the recipient of the 2001 Frederic C Fallon Award for poetry from Chabot College, and a 2006 graduate of Cal State University Hayward with a B.A. in Liberal Studies.  Earlier this year he performed in Washington D.C. at the Reason Rally.

Victor is excited to be a part of the group of artists behind Mad Art Lab, where art meets science and skepticism. He has been writing and performing atheist, skeptical, rational, science themed poetry for over 4 years. When he's not writing, or performing, he is the talent behind Reuschelle's Cheesecakes and won a Best of the Bay award from the East Bay Express in 2009.

Victor is performing twice at Freethought Day: just after lunch and sending us off at the end of the day.

The Mockingbirds, Choir

The MockingbirdsThe Mockingbirds are Sacramento's first atheist choir, born from SacFAN in 2010. They sing secular-themed songs about religion, science, and pirates (to the pleasure of the Flying Spaghetti Monster).

Led by Andrea Griffith, the group has appeared at a number of area events including Darwin Day and HumanLight.

The Mockingbirds are performing twice at Freethought Day: in the morning after our opening remarks, and in the mid-afternoon.

Bill Potts, Poet

Bill PottsIt's hard to say when Bill Potts got his start as a poet. Some are not sure he ever did. He did get some encouragement from one of his high school English teachers, who wrote on one of Bill's poems, "Doggerel, but good doggerel." This may explain Bill's later admiration of Ogden Nash (a veritable fountain of doggerel) and in particular Walt Kelly, the creator of Pogo. Kelly wrote both doggerel and stream-of-consciousness poetry (as Bill now does). As a strip cartoonist, Kelly specialized in political satire, with Pogo the possum and his fellow Okefenokee Swamp critters standing in for the real politicians. Bill has created some religious satire, although without cartoons or swamp critters.

Bill will be performing at our Supporters' Reception and at Freethought Day, in the late afternoon.