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Sacramento Freethought Day

Sunday, Oct 12, 2014 at the Californa State Capitol

Sunday, Oct 12, 2014

California State Capitol
Sacramento, CA

Authors' and Podcasters' Panel

Authors and podcast hosts from all over are encouraged to join us at Freethought Day. If you're an author or podcast host and want to join us, please let us know or register online for your table space.

Our authors and podcasters will be assembled together at Freethought Day with their books and other goodies ready to sign and sell, so bring some cash to buy their books!

Then at 4:00 PM, our authors and podcasters will take the stage for a lively Q&A session about topics fun and serious. What will you ask them?

The following details are still being updated from our prior year and may be changed.

Richard Carrier, Why I Am Not a Christian

Richard CarrierRichard Carrier is a world-renowned author and speaker. As a professional historian, published philosopher, and prominent defender of the American freethought movement, Dr. Carrier has appeared across the country and on national television defending sound historical methods and the ethical worldview of secular naturalism. His books and articles have also received international attention.

He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University in ancient history, specializing in the intellectual history of Greece and Rome, particularly ancient philosophy, religion, and science, with emphasis on the origins of Christianity and the use and progress of science under the Roman empire. He is best known as the author of Sense and Goodness without God, Not the Impossible Faith, and Why I Am Not a Christian, and a major contributor to The Empty Tomb, The Christian Delusion, The End of Christianity, and Sources of the Jesus Tradition, as well as writer and editor-in-chief (now emeritus) for the Secular Web, and for his copious work in history and philosophy online and in print.

His latest book is Proving History: Bayes's Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus. He is currently working on his next books, On the Historicity of Jesus Christ, The Scientist in the Early Roman Empire, and Science Education in the Early Roman Empire.

Richard will be auctioning a piece of his history at Freethought Day.

David Fitzgerald, Nailed: Ten Christian Myths that Show Jesus Never Existed at All

David FitzgeraldDavid Fitzgerald is a writer and public speaker who has been called both "The Ferris Bueller of San Francisco" and "one of the busiest atheist activists in the Bay Area." He is the Action Coordinator for San Francisco Atheists and serves on the board of the Center for Inquiry-San Francisco, and is Co-founder and Director of both the world's first Atheist Film Festival and San Francisco's oldest annual Darwin Day celebration, "Evolutionpalooza!"

He is on the Speaker's Bureau of both the Secular Student Alliance and Center for Inquiry, and lectures around the country at universities and national secular events, including national conventions of American Atheists and the American Humanist Association, and is an audience favorite at Skepticon.

Besides all that, he is a historical researcher whose book, NAILED: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All, critically examines the historical evidence of Christ. It was also voted one of the top 5 Atheist/Agnostic books of 2010 in About's Reader's Choice Awards. He is also the author of The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion: The Mormons and the follow-up to Nailed, entitled Jesus: Mything in Action.

You can find David on Facebook.

Carrie Poppy, Oh No! Ross and Carrie

Carrie PoppyCarrie Poppy is a writer, performer and activist. In her writing and activism, she focuses on animal rights, science-advocacy, interfaith understanding, LGBTQ issues, and not-being-jerks-to-women.

Carrie co-hosts the inexplicably popular podcast "Oh No, Ross and Carrie," in which she and her co-pilot, Ross, undergo unusual treatments, try paranormal stuff, and join fringe groups and religions, firsthand (they joined the Mormons and the Raelians, undercover). She also writes a semi-monthly column for Skeptical Inquirer, called "Hot Drinks."

Carrie graduated from the University of the Pacific with a degree in sanctimoniously shaking her head (read: Philosophy) and from the Groundlings Professional School of Improvisation, with a degree in Funny Voices/Wigs. She has been published in Philosophy Now! magazine, Secular World, and your mom's log book. Her blood type is O+.

Be sure to check out Carrie's podcast, Oh No! Ross and Carrie.

AmyJo Mattheis, Religion Made me Fat

AmyJo MattheisThrough real life stories, AmyJo Mattheis narrates her upbringing in the church and how she became an ordained minister with questions. Questions about God, fun, sex, money, flirting and more, all come up in a life well lived within the visions and expectations of the Christian church.

Religion Made Me Fat chronicles the evolution of AmyJo's understanding of the man Jesus and what his teachings mean to men and women, atheists and others who believe a different way. Through her experiences as a pastor's kid in California, working in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, her time as an intern pastor in Jerusalem and an ordained minister in the United States, Mattheis challenges us to take seriously the role Christianity plays in our intimate and collective lives.

She currently teaches at the University of the Pacific, in Stockton, CA. Check out her book, "Religion Made Me Fat", on, read her blog, and follow her on Twitter.

CJ Werleman, God Hates You, Hate Him Back

CJ WerlemanCJ Werleman is the Australian born author of international best seller God Hates You. Hate Him Back, and the soon to be released Crucifying America (The Unholy Alliance Between the Christian Right and Wall Street).

CJ is a featured columnist with The Contributor, a regular guest on the Sirius network, and is considered the entertaining voice of today's new atheists. At the Atheist Alliance of America annual convention in Boston 2013, he spoke alongside Dr. Steven Pinker.

According to Wuffiebank, he is among the top 50 Most Influential Australians on twitter. Visit his website at

Dan Riley, Generation Atheist

Dan RileyDan Riley worked previously as a campus organizer in the outreach department at the non-profit think tank, the Center for Inquiry (CFI).

He got to know many secular student leaders during his time with CFI. Finding many of their personal journeys to atheism to be fascinating, compelling, and unique, he decided to create a book that tells their stories. The initial work that has resulted in Generation Atheist began at a student conference in 2009.

Dan is a 2006 graduate of Duke University. Learn more about his book online, buy it at, or connect on Facebook.

Thomas Beasley, An American Atheist

Thomas BeasleyTom Beasley has been involved in the atheist and freethought community for the past several years.  He is most known for his participation in the podcast and blog "An American Atheist," which is on sabbatical from KDVS 90.3 FM in the Sacramento and Davis region where it ran for the past three years.

Tom holds a J.D. from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and currently practices post bar working in criminal defense for indigent clients.  He received his B.A. from the University of California at Davis where he double majored in English and Classical Languages.  His relevant coursework included studying Ancient and New Testament Greek as well as Latin and the early formation of Christianity.

You can find the An American Atheist podcast and more info at

Andrea Griffith, 52 Answers to Superstition, Religion, and Ignorance

Andrea WarrenAlready a best-selling author, her latest book, "52 Answers to Superstition, Religion, and Ignorance", has been a hit in the freethought movement. 

Andrea spends her time writing, speaking, and taking care of her family.  She is married and has three sons and one grandson.  Check out her blog at or visit her website at